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Filling in the short form above will give you a set of contact details for local specialists in Asbestos Removal. You will be given all this information instantaneously. You can then make contact with them directly, discuss your requirement in more detail, and get quotations. If you decide to place an order you will deal with them directly. There is no middle man.


Asbestos Removal

Ignoring the dangers of asbestos presents a real test of a safety conscious person’s moral fibre, because it’s a material that can be fatal. Having said that, these days this country is much more aware of the dangers it can pose. Asbestos is a general term that refers to crystalline fibres that make up a group of minerals. It was formerly used as a material for insulation and fire protection in the building and construction industry before bans were put in place several decades ago. There are three main types, blue (crocidolite), brown (amosite) and white (chrysotile). Blue and brown are much more dangerous than white. Blue and brown were banned in the 1980s and no blue was imported into the UK after the 1970s. White was banned in 1999. All three types of asbestos could still be prevalent in old buildings. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can lead to asbestosis, a scarring of the lungs or difficulties in breathing due to inhalation of asbestos dust, or even lung cancer.

Before removing asbestos, a report may need to be commissioned to identify exactly what is present and outline the best way to get rid of it. The two main types of report are Management Survey and Demolition/Refurbishment Survey. The first only deals with accessible parts of the building and it is recommended that samples are taken of suspect materials. The survey won’t identify hidden materials as they are not hazardous unless building work takes place. The second survey is for when demolition takes place. The surveyor will identify all the materials containing asbestos so they can be removed or avoided. It will be intrusive, with holes likely to be drilled in studded walls, ducts opened up and joists and frames exposed. Before ordering a report or hiring a contractor for removal it is essential to check the service provider is licensed. Look out for, as a minimum, qualifications P402 and P405 from the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection ( formerly BOHS),

Asbestos can be traced in quite a diverse range of building products, some of which include artificial coals or logs, soffit panels, floor tiles, wall and ceiling panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, felt roof lining, insulation for hot pipes, boilers, cylinders, night heaters, ceilings, wall or ceiling “artex” coatings, fire blankets and roofing materials. Only analysis will ascertain whether asbestos is present and only laboratories accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) are permitted to take on this line of work.

There may be asbestos in your home but there should be no great concern unless the product has been disturbed in any way. The law requires commercial property owners and owners of communal premises to manage asbestos in their property. Mortgage companies, insurers or other authorities may wish to see the plans and owners must make any contractors aware of any asbestos containing materials (ACM) so it is not disturbed in any way, causing a health hazard. A house purchaser should want to check the likelihood of asbestos in a property as it could affect the value or a future sale. Landlords have a duty to ensure tenants are not exposed to any harm under The Environmental Protection Act of 1990 and The Occupiers Liability Act of 1984. The removal of this material is a complicated and expensive process. It should only be carried out by a licenced contractor and, after the finished process, the owner should ensure a “Certificate of Re-Occupation” is provided from an independent accredited laboratory.

There is more information available on the subject on and a list of all current asbestos licence holders can be seen under the Frequently Asked Questions section.


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We ask all of our Customers to let us have feedback on any of the Suppliers they used from our website.  Here are some of their comments;

The website is easy to use, quick reply. I chose Tool-Up Asbestos Solutions Ltd. I’m happy with the quote and waiting for the asbestos to be removed
Jane, Nairn
The website worked well. I used GP Asbestos for Asbestos Removal - very helpful and efficient
Patricia, Reading, Berkshire
I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Tony Sumner. It took a little while to organise a convenient time for both of us, but when he arrived at a time that was convenient to both of us he proceeded as planned. He kept me informed of how long it would be when he would arrive and then he collected the items, received payments and went and was at all times courteous, efficient and left no mess. I would be only too pleased to use his services again if required. Once again thank you for putting me in touch with someone who did an excellent job.
Robert, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
I was contacted 5 minutes after summing my enquiry, and a visit on the same day by the architect meaning my project is up and running with great efficiency Very professional with a lot of knowledge and advice The on going rate for a project this size , I'm pleased
Hector, Sheffield

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