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What service does Local Electricians Direct provide?

Local Electricians Direct is part of the Local Surveyors Direct group. This group of websites (listed below) provides an introduction only service between customers and suppliers.

Customers requiring a service can use this website to obtain contact details and estimates from suppliers who cover their local area. This is made possible by a large UK network of independent property specialists. A customer visiting the website completes a request form by providing details of the property concerned. The website then instantly provides a list of suppliers with full contact details. For many services an initial estimate is also produced. Emails with the initial details are sent to all the suppliers and the customer also receives an email. The customer can then contact any of the suppliers directly and the suppliers can also contact the customer. After discussing the requirement in more detail the customer can then place an order directly with a chosen supplier.

Who sets the price and the area?

Price estimates and areas of operation (postcode districts) are not set by the network but are instead determined independently by each supplier via their control panel. In addition to the home area of operation, the supplier can also select outer areas where they want to provide the service at increased prices.

How do Local Electricians Direct obtain the funds to operate this website?

Local Electricians Direct obtains funding by charging fees to suppliers for the lead production service. Each time a lead is produced on behalf of a supplier, a small charge is made. Local Electricians Direct does not charge any commission when a customer places an order with a supplier.

How much does it cost join the network?

There are two steps in joining the network. The first step is a no obligation trial where you are not committed to paying for the service. The advantage of the trial is that you can learn more about how the system works but please note that your area and services will be restricted. The second step is to upgrade and start paying for the service. This will allow you more flexibility so that you can evaluate the system more fully. There is no cost to upgrade, you just pay for leads. The cost per lead varies but in ball park figures is usually between £0.50 and £4.00. There are no monthly fees, no quarterly fees, no annual fees, no commission fees and no exit fees. If after a while you find that you are not getting a satisfactory result you can just cancel your membership and you will receive no more leads.

No Obligation Trial. To set up the no obligation trial, we will ask you to provide us with some basic information including your contact details on our trial registration form. We will then set up a restricted control panel for you and your contact details will be listed on the system. We will send you a username and a password to enable you to log on, review your initial details and make corrections and additions. You will also be able to get a feel for the likely costs of leads should you decide to upgrade. If you are very lucky you may win an order during the no obligation trial however to evaluate the system more fully we would recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible.

Once you are comfortable with the concept, your next step is to upgrade and become a paying member. The restrictions on your control panel will be removed and you will be able to evaluate the system more fully.Upgraded members can have larger areas that will result in more sales leads. Leads can be received by email or text and the full customer details will be provided. There is no cost to upgrade, the only charge is for the leads. There are no commission payments. You pay by direct debit. You are not tied into a contract and you have the right to stop at any time. There are no exit fees.

To start the process of setting up a no obligation trial, please click on the following link for the Registration Form. Filling in this form will enable us to set up your no obligation control panel for you. Please note that filling in this form does not commit you to paying us any money. If you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail please contact us on 01962 674840 or email

Should a supplier wish to terminate then this can be done at any time by giving Local Electricians Direct notice with immediate effect. There are no termination charges however the supplier will be requested to pay the agreed fees for all the leads generated up until the date of termination. If the supplier terminates during the no obligation trial then there is nothing to pay at all.

Please read our Members Terms and Conditions

What do our Members Say about us?

The following is a list of feedback received from many of our members (Surveyors, Engineers, Architects, Energy Assessors, Electricians, Mortgage Advisors, Conveyancers etc). These people have all listed their services on our website and have won business from our leads.

Regular leads coming in every week at an acceptable cost to us, over a wide range of services, and consistently high google ratings. Rhys Taylor of Taylor Tuxford, Rotherham.

Regular enquiries with real potential to turn into work. The Local Surveyors Direct system works well enough and is reasonably well up the search engine rankings. Andrew Haste of Hastens Consulting Engineers, Worthing.

Local Surveyors Direct come up high in the search results every time a survey is entered in the search engine Google. That was my main reason I decided that the exposure to clients was most effective through that medium. Scott Watkins of EPC Sussex, Crawley.

The thing I like about the Local Surveyors Direct system is that it doesn’t require any input from me, and that I only pay for leads rather than advertising. If there aren’t many leads coming in then it doesn’t cost much and the leads aren’t that expensive so I can justify losing a few if they turn out to be time-wasters. Also, because I can tailor it to my geographical area, I haven’t had to travel far if they come to nothing.Kenny Foxwell of Horizon Design, Worthing.

When I first saw your website I thought that it would attract the right people for my business.I was right. I have never been so busy. The site is easy to use for most clients, to find the right trade. Please keep up the good work. Peter McCloud BSc of Extension & Landscape Design, Bexhill-on-Sea.

Local Surveyors Direct is relatively cheap compared to other lead generation sites. The leads can be very plentiful sometimes. The team at Local Surveyors Direct, are very friendly. Vincent Crewe of Advance Mortgages, Wakefield.

You are fair reasonably priced and approachable. David Mace of Safesparkz Electricians, Witham.

We have always been able to contact you when necessary and there have been no problems. Dave Truran of Enterprise Planning Services, Wolverhampton.

I have been very pleased with results so far. I can be flexible with my fees, there is a feedback facility, low cost per lead and it is clearly high on search engine listings. Better for small businesses, especially during the downturn. Antony Goodman MRICS of AMG Surveyors Ltd, Prestwich.

Excellent. The system suits my method of obtaining work, and is cost effective. Flexible system of setting one`s own pricing, and work diary. I also like the facility that enables me to withdraw my services in case of holidays etc. Chris Simons of CJL Energy Assessors, Okehampton.