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Filling in the short form below will instantly give you a set of estimates for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) on your property.  This set of prices will come directly from Energy Assessors who cover the local area.  You will also be provided with their full contact details, all within less than a second.  You can then contact them directly and compare prices and service.  Should you wish to place an order you would deal with them directly.  There is no middle man.

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This website will help you find suppliers who provide property services.  When you enter your details and press submit, the system will immediately give you the contact details of the suppliers covering your local area.  Where appropriate, initial estimates will also be instantly provided. You can then contact any of the suppliers directly. In addition, your details will be sent to each of the suppliers listed, so they will also be able to contact you. Your details will not be forwarded to any other third parties. Your email address is required but if you do not want to provide your telephone number, please enter 0000. Using this website will not commit you to placing any orders or paying any money. If you do place an order with one of the suppliers, you will be dealing directly with them.  In most cases there is no middle man. Suppliers on this website pay advertising fees to be listed, they do not pay any commission to Local Surveyors Direct. Before placing an order you should ensure that your chosen supplier has satisfactory qualifications, accreditation, experience and insurance. You will receive an email from us requesting feedback a few weeks later. After that we will not use your details again.

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Filling in the short form above will instantly give you a set of estimates for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) on your property.  This set of prices will come directly from Energy Assessors who cover the local area.  You will also be provided with their full contact details, all within less than a second.  You can then contact them directly and compare prices and service.  Should you wish to place an order you would deal with them directly.  There is no middle man.


What is an EPC?

An EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is a simple document that gives an overview of how energy efficient a property is, what energy efficient measures could be fitted at the property and how energy efficient the property could be in the future. It also tells you what the typical energy costs for your property are and how much you could save. The report covers walls, loft, flooring, lighting, windows, heating system, heating controls, secondary heating and hot water. The EPC ranks the properties energy performance from A-G. A is the most efficient and G the least. The certificate is valid for 10 years.

This is a useful Government website that provides information about EPCs.

For advice on how to take action and to find out about offers available to help make your home more energy efficient, call 0800 512 012 or visit needs an EPC?


Whenever a property is built, sold or rented, it must have an Energy Performance Certificate, EPC. If the property is in Scotland the EPC must be visible somewhere in the property. You could get a fine if you don’t get one when you need it.

Are any properties exempt?

Yes:  ‘places of worship, temporary buildings that will be used for less than 2 years, stand-alone buildings with total useful floor space of less than 50 square metres, industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings that do not use a lot of energy, some buildings that are due to be demolished, holiday accommodation that is rented out for less than 4 months a year or is let under a licence to occupy, listed buildings, residential buildings intended to be used less than 4 months a year’. Extract taken from Government website.

Who carries out the EPC?

EPCs must be done by accredited Energy Assessors or Home Inspectors. It is your responsibility to check the person you appoint is accredited.

How do I find an Assessor?

When you fill in the form at the top of this page, you will be given the contact details for the Accredited Assessors in your area that are registered on this website. You will also get an estimate for the work. You should discuss your requirements and the estimate with the Assessor because in some cases the cost will vary especially if you are having Solar Panels installed when two visits will be needed. The details you supply on the form will also be sent to the Assessors so they may contact you.

Are you an Energy Assessor?

If you are an Energy Assessor and you would like to be listed on our website, please complete the Registration Form and one of our Team will contact you to arrange a no obligation trial

What do our Customers say about the Suppliers listed on our website?

We ask all of the people who use our website to let us know if they have any feedback on the website or on any of the Suppliers they used.  Below are some of their comments:

Just few words as a feed back. I have used your website as I have needed epc certificate for one of my property. I was more than pleased that I have received very good price estimates and even more that within a minutes I have received call from Mr. Phillip Cole who has carried out and did the epc certification for the property within 2days of booking. Over all i can say that I was very satisfied with the website,time efficiency and the work undertaken. Regards
Maria, Blackley, Manchester
the web site was quick and efficient and saved much searching around for quotes. i placed an order with green deal management. works etc was fine and the certificate was issued very quickly. regards,
Neil , Chester
I chose Energy Perform and was satisfied with their work. All worked well thanks.
Gill, Rugby
The website worked well and I placed an order with Energybiz. They were very helpful. Would definately use again
Dawn, Oxford
The website worked well. I followed up with Peter Shoult. I'm satisfied with the work he did - sent very smoothly. I got a response from 2 surveyors first thing next morning. Regards
Jeff, Newport, Wales
used loric energy exellent service
p pearson, Reading, Berkshire
The website worked well. I used David Harrison Agentsplus Satisfied with the work, very efficient agent, would be happy to recommend
D.J.Hughes, Crewe
The website operated well - I followed up withJohn Alexander-Head. I was satisfied with the work carried out and it's intended to discuss further action when pending legislation is in place.
David, Evesham, Warwickshire
I was pleased with the choices offered by the website. I chose Geoff Thornton. The job was done within two days and I had my certificate within two more days. I was very pleased with the outcome and will have no hesitation in using your site again or in recommending it to others.
Peter T, Hayfield near Stockport
The website operated well. I followed up by placing an order with ENERGY EPC and am satisfied with the work carried out.
B K, Stoke Newington, North London
Web site worked well and got quotes quickly. I placed an order with Neil Brook. He came the next day by appt. Was very pleasant and thorough. Very grateful for the web site, and price very fair
J P, Saxmundham, Suffolk
The website operated well. I placed an order with Richard Carter and am satisfied with the work he did. Very convenient website.
J S, Leicester
The website operated well. I placed an order with AJ Associates and I'm satisfied with the results - service appeared prompt and carried out efficiently. Many Thanks
J Welsh, Bedford.
I used Matt Quirke for the Energy Survey. He was prompt and professional and produced certification on line within three days. I am pleased with the service offered and would recommend Matt Quirke to others. Yours sincerely,
Malcolm Brookes, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Website was great, response was fast. I used Dave Rutherford and the work was great Thank you,
Susan, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne
Great website - thanks. In the end I used Ron Stephens. He was fantastic. Arrived at a set time and emailed me the EPC that evening. Very efficient and a nice man. I'd use him again.
Rachel Garforth-Bles, Anerley, South East London
The website worked well and all is fine, used Sussex HIP and got EPC done satisfactorily. Thanks.
Clive, Eastbourne, Sussex
The web site was recommended to me by an EPC surveyor who did several surveys for me over the last few years, but retired recently. Before I had finished reviewing the list of surveyors, Mark Tingley had called me and booked the appointment. While I was talking to him Paul Coker left a voice message, and shortly after I received 2 emails from others. So for me it worked very well and I would recommend the site as first class. Kind rgds,
Peter. Maldon, Essex
The web site worked well and we used Energywise. The work was carried out within 3 days and the report received promptly.
Jean, East Ham
I can confirm that I used the following company, East London HIPs Nick Walton London I'd rate the overall service as excellent, arranged a suitable time with Nick, he was punctual and supplied the certificate within 12 hrs of carrying the work. first class - would highly recommend his services. Thanks,
Moe, Walthamstow, London E17
Hi there - website was brilliant. I did follow up by placing an order with one of the listed suppliers. Mr Shah. This saved me alot of money. He was able to visit promptly and give a certificate for fraction of the price an estate agency would charge, so thank you very much. Very pleased to have discovered your website!!! Best Wishes,
Katia. North Kensington, London W10

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