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Filling in the short form above will instantly give you a set of initial estimates for the cost of probate on your property. These estimates will come directly from local suppliers who cover your area. You will also be provided with their full contact details, all within less than a second. You can then contact them directly and compare prices and services. Should you wish to place an order you would deal with them directly. There is no middle man.

What is probate?

“Probate” refers to the legal process of dealing with the estate of a person who has recently died, for example closing bank accounts or selling property. It can be done without professional help but most people employ a lawyer to reduce the burden. You can use this price comparison website to obtain estimates for probate services in your local area.  Some firms charge a fixed fee while others may charge an hourly rate or percentage of the value of the estate. It makes sense to compare estimates to get the best deal.

What is the process?

The aim of probate is to collect together all the assets and liabilities of a person who has just died. You will need to assess how much the estate is worth and if any inheritance tax is owed before the remaining estate is distributed to the beneficiaries.

The first step is to apply for a grant of representation from the Probate Service. This means you can access bank and building society accounts as well as any shares or other investments. ‘Probate’ is used to describe both the grant and the process for getting it.

The process is likely to involve dealing with bank and building societies, contacting insurance companies, valuing assets, finalising pension arrangements, making an inheritance tax return to HM Revenue and Customs (even if no tax is owed), paying all debts and taxes, before distributing the remaining assets in accordance with any will.

Is probate always necessary?

If the deceased had less than £5,000 in their accounts, some banks or building society may only need to see the death certificate.  If all assets are held jointly and therefore pass to the surviving partner, it may also not be necessary. But in general, you will always need to obtain the grant of probate.

Who applies for probate?

Usually the person named in the will as executor. Where there is no will, the next of kin will usually take on the responsibility. No-one can receive their inheritance from the estate of someone who has died until probate has been granted.

Must I employ a lawyer?

There is no legal requirement to involve a lawyer. Some people choose to make probate applications themselves to avoid legal fees. However, the probate process involves lots of form-filling and various legal and financial steps. It can take months and complications can arise. Those who don’t have the energy or time to do all the work themselves are likely to benefit from the services of an experienced professional.

The executor or next of kin who applies for a grant is personally liable for any mistakes. Using professional probate services is one way to avoid errors.

Do you provide Probate Services?

If you provide Probate Services and you would like to apply for a free trial of Local Electricians Direct, please click here

Customer Feedback

Please see below for some Customer Feedback:

I would highly recommend Robert Beech, I contacted him by email, and asked if he was able to inspect a property I am currently in the process of purchasing. I wanted exterior cracks checking, and also a split purlin in the roof. Robert inspected the property on Saturday 15th April 2017, and I was able to then go along and meet him once he had done his survey. He was very clear about what the issues were and what needed to be done to solve the issues. All was explained in plain English for me to understand and was happy to answer any questions. I would highly recommend.
Mel, Kettering
Promptness of response : Great communication from initiation to provision of report. Quality of service : Thorough and comprehensive survey, including provision of informative report. Value for money : Competitively priced service. Professionalism : First class professional service provided.
Martin, Brixworth
Shore residential got in touch with us straight away and were always easy to contact. Our report was excellent and very detailed.
Mrs Dearden, Southsea
Very quick response via email, when I enquired about an inspection. Very professional. Explained everything to me in plain English and answered any queries I had.
Melinda, Northants
Promptness of response : Responded to my enquiry the next day, quoting for my needs. Quality of service : The survey was carried out the day after I agreed to their terms and conditions and the report took 7 working days to be done - which was within their 5-8 working day quote. The report was really thorough and extremely detailed. I am very pleased. Value for money : I had various quotes given and they were very competitive. Professionalism : Extremely professional.
Diane, Fareham

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